Why Isn’t Marcelo in FIFA 23: The Shocking Truth Behind His Exclusion

Reasons why Marcelo is not included in FIFA 23

1. Contractual issues

One of the possible reasons for Marcelo’s absence in FIFA 23 is due to contractual issues with his club, Real Madrid. FIFA requires player rights to be properly licensed and authorized, and if there are disputes over rights, the player may not be included in the game.

2. Age and declining performance

As a veteran player, Marcelo’s age and physical condition may have influenced FIFA’s decision to exclude him from the game. It is not uncommon for older players to struggle with maintaining their performance at a high level, which may no longer match the expectations of FIFA.

3. Competition with other players in the same position

Another factor that may have contributed to Marcelo’s omission is the intense competition with other players in the same position. FIFA may have decided to include newer and younger players who are performing better than Marcelo in real life to provide a more realistic gameplay experience for users.

Why is this topic important for the future?

This topic sheds light on the complex and often overlooked factors that influence player representation in video games. As the video game industry continues to grow and evolve, it is important for players, fans, and game developers to be aware of the fairness and transparency in representation.

How can we prepare for this issue?

By staying informed and advocating for fair representation of all players in video games, we can help ensure that these games reflect the true spirit of competitiveness and sportsmanship. Additionally, we can support efforts to improve player licensing and rights in a way that benefits the entire gaming community.

Contractual Issues Affecting Marcelo’s Inclusion in FIFA 23

1. Contract Disputes with Team or League

Marcelo, the revered Brazilian left-back, has been a mainstay in the FIFA game franchise. However, his inclusion in the upcoming FIFA 23 is uncertain due to contractual issues with his team or league. The contractual disputes between the player and the team or league can arise because of multiple reasons, including disagreements over salary, playing time, or bonus incentives.

In Marcelo’s case, his contract dispute with his team or league can be due to an injury that might have made him miss some games. If the team or league has provisions in the contract that entitle them to reduce the player’s salary or bonuses due to missed games, it could spark a dispute. Such disputes could impact a player’s inclusion in FIFA 23.

2. Player’s Refusal to Sign Contract Extension

Another reason why Marcelo’s inclusion in FIFA 23 is uncertain could be his refusal to sign a contract extension with his team. If Marcelo decides not to extend his contract, this could lead to a contractual standoff between him and his team, as the latter might not want to lose a player of his ability for free transfer.

Moreover, such a standoff could negatively impact the team and player’s relationship, making it difficult for EA Sports to negotiate any licensing agreements to use the player’s image in the game.

3. Lack of Agreement between Player and FIFA regarding Image Rights

Lastly, another contractual issue that could affect Marcelo’s inclusion in FIFA 23 revolves around image rights. The use of a player’s image in the game requires a licensing agreement between the player and EA Sports. If Marcelo and EA Sports are unable to reach an agreement, it could lead to the player not being included in the game.

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Why is this Topic Important for the Future?

The FIFA game franchise is hugely popular worldwide and attracts a vast community of gamers and soccer fans. The inclusion of players like Marcelo is essential to the game’s popularity, and any issues disrupting the player’s inclusion could have significant implications for the game’s fan base.

Contractual issues affecting players’ inclusion in FIFA 23 might become more common in the future due to the growing use of image likeness in video games. As such, it is important for both players and game developers like EA Sports to prepare and negotiate effectively to avoid any disputes that could impact the game’s future.

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Factors Affecting Marcelo’s Performance and Inclusion in FIFA 23

1. Aging, leading to decline in physical fitness and skill

Marcelo is approaching the latter stages of his career, which could result in a decline in his physical fitness and skill levels. This decreased performance could impact his inclusion in future FIFA editions, as the game relies heavily on actual player performance statistics.

2. Competition with other players in the same position, who may possess better overall stats or more recent achievements

Marcelo is a highly-skilled player, but he faces stiff competition from other left-backs who may possess better overall statistics or recent achievements. FIFA 23 may see new players being added or existing ones getting an upgrade, which could impact Marcelo’s inclusion in the game.

3. Changes in FIFA’s assessment of player performance and value

FIFA’s assessment of player performance and value undergoes changes each year, based on factors such as market value, public perception, and overall performances. Marcelo’s current assessment could be affected by these changes, potentially impacting his inclusion in future FIFA editions.

Why is this topic important for the future?

Marcelo is a popular player in the soccer world. His exclusion from FIFA 23 could spark debates and discussions about the factors impacting a player’s inclusion in the game. It could also shed light on the importance of player performance statistics and their role in shaping FIFA’s virtual world.

How can we prepare for it?

We can stay informed about the latest player performances and FIFA updates, which impact the inclusion of players in the game. We can also engage in discussions and debates, keeping an open mind about the factors that impact a player’s virtual ranking and inclusion in FIFA.

Conclusion: Why Marcelo is not in FIFA 23

Marcelo, the Brazilian left-back who has won numerous titles with his club, Real Madrid, and the Brazilian national team, has been omitted from the latest edition of the popular video game, FIFA 23. There are several factors that may have contributed to his exclusion from the game, including contract disputes, declining performance, and competition with other players.

Contract Disputes

It is no secret that Marcelo has had a strained relationship with Real Madrid’s management over the past few years. In 2020, he was linked with a move to Juventus, and there were reports of a contract dispute between him and the club. Although Marcelo ultimately remained with Real Madrid, it is possible that his contract situation played a role in his exclusion from FIFA 23.

Declining Performance

Marcelo has been a key player for Real Madrid for over a decade, but there are signs that his performance on the pitch has been declining. In the 2020-21 season, he played fewer games than in previous years, and he was often criticized for his defensive weaknesses. It is possible that FIFA’s selection committee decided to omit him from the game due to his declining form.

Competition with Other Players

Marcelo may also have been left out of FIFA 23 due to competition with other players. There are several talented left-backs currently playing in Europe, including Andrew Robertson, Alphonso Davies, and Ferland Mendy, who plays for Real Madrid alongside Marcelo. It is possible that FIFA’s selection committee decided to include these players instead of Marcelo.

It is important to note that FIFA’s criteria for player inclusion can change from year to year, and the absence of a player in a particular edition does not necessarily reflect on their overall career achievements or talent. However, Marcelo’s absence from FIFA 23 raises important questions about the future of his career, and how he will cope with the challenges of declining performance and competition from younger players.

We can prepare for these challenges by supporting players like Marcelo and encouraging them to continue striving for excellence. We can also follow the latest developments in the world of soccer and stay informed about changes to FIFA’s selection criteria. By doing so, we can help ensure that talented players like Marcelo continue to be recognized and celebrated for their achievements on and off the pitch.

Why Is Marcelo Not In Fifa 23

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