What Is Com Samsung Android App Telephonyui And How To Disable It

Samsung’s Android App TelephonyUI comes installed on the operating system. It allows the user to control messaging and calling functions through an app. Additionally, it allows them to access their contact list and logs of previous calls. Samsung’s Android App TelephonyUI can be annoying, so turning it off can help improve usability. This app is useful but can occasionally be annoying when receiving unwanted calls or messages. To disable it, check the device’s settings and uncheck “App TelephonyUI.”

What is Samsung Android App TelephonyUI and Why Should You Disable it?

Samsung created the Android App TelephonyUI in conjunction with their devices. This app allows phones running Samsung’s Android operating system to make and receive calls and view messages, calls, and contacts.

Some users have reported that this app can cause their phones to reboot or Freeze randomly. Additionally, they can report that the app causes their battery to drain and decrease their phone’s overall performance. As such, many people disable this app on their phones.

Samsung’s Android App TelephonyUI can cause random reboots, freezes, and battery drain on their devices. However, it can also significantly slow down the processing speed of a device. To fix this, access the app manager on your device and disable or uninstall the application.

Samsung’s Android App TelephonyUI is intended to provide easy access to calling, contact management, and more. However, it can cause random restarts, freezes, and battery drain. Due to this, it’s recommended that users don’t use this app on their devices. This will give their phone a higher level of performance.

Understanding Samsung Android App TelephonyUI: What It Does and How to Disable It

Samsung’s Android App TelephonyUI is an application that allows users to access their phone’s basic telephony functions. This includes making calls, texting, and checking their recent call logs. It’s usually accessible through the dialer app and is typically preinstalled on Samsung devices.

The TelephonyUI app provides a wide range of features to its users. These include accessing their recent calls, making and receiving phone calls, viewing their contacts, and accessing their call logs. The phone comes with a built-in number book. This means people can create new numbers and store their contacts in the phone’s book. Additionally, it is possible to access the phone’s message inbox, set call forwarding and voicemail settings, access their text message inbox, and set voicemail notifications.

Some users may wish to disable the TelephonyUI app due to its useful features. This can be done by accessing the Apps page in Settings on Samsung devices and unchecking the TelephonyUI app. From there, they can select the option labeled “Force Stop” to stop the app from running. They can also disable the app by selecting the “Disable” option. Disabling the app may cause some features to become unavailable.

Samsung’s Android App TelephonyUI provides users with access to basic phone telephony functions. This app can be disabled through the Settings app by selecting the “Force Stop” or “Disable” option. When disabled, this app no longer provides access to the user’s call logs, contacts, or making calls.

How to Keep Your Phone Secure by Disabling Samsung Android App TelephonyUI

Samsung’s Android App TelephonyUI does not protect from cyberattacks. Instead, users should turn off this app to better protect their smartphones from hackers. The TelephonyUI app allows your phone to interface with its telecommunications services, such as placing and receiving calls, sending text messages, and more. Disabling this app reduces the risk of data theft and malicious attacks.

  1. It’s relatively easy to remove the TelephonyUI app from your device. Go to the Settings app and look for the Applications section. Next, select the Application Manager option and locate the TelephonyUI app. Once you find it, tap the Disable button and confirm your choice.
  2. To keep your phone secure, all you need to do is disable the TelephonyUI app. However, you should also follow safe browsing habits such as creating strong passwords, avoiding suspicious links, and downloading apps from trusted sources.
  3. Taking precautions to secure your phone while practicing good online habits is key to minimizing the risk of data theft or malicious attacks. You can keep your phone safe by disabling the Samsung Android App TelephonyUI.


Samsung has a built-in Android App called TelephonyUI that handles all incoming and outgoing calls from the device. This system app can be disabled via a phone’s settings under the Apps or Application Manager section. It also tracks call logs, settings, and notifications for incoming calls. Although disabling the app won’t negatively affect device performance, you won’t be able to receive calls if you do so. You need to re-enable the app before using any of its features.

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