What Is Com Samsung Android App Galaxyfinder And How To Remove It

Samsung Corporation created the Android app Galaxy Finder. It’s a search engine for apps and content on the Samsung Galaxy Store. Galaxy Finder helps users find apps and content they’re looking for quickly. The app allows users to filter results using keywords, categories, or types. It also supports voice search and allows users to pin apps to the home screen for easy access.

You can uninstall the app by accessing its settings through the menu in the applications menu. From here, you can uninstall the application by going to Apps > Galaxy Finder > Uninstall. You can also remove this app through a file explorer or an app manager.

What is the Samsung Android App GalaxyFinder, and How Does it Work?

Samsung GalaxyFinder is an Android app that helps people locate and access features on their missing or misplaced Samsung devices. This app can remotely lock a device, sound an alarm, display a message, and even erase all data on the phone.

People only need to download and install the app on their Android devices. From there, anyone can easily use the app. Once the app is installed, users can register their Samsung devices and link them to their accounts. Once the device is linked, users can access the GalaxyFinder app to track and locate their device.

The app uses Bluetooth, GPS, and WiFi to locate the device. It then allows the user to perform various functions, including locking the device, sounding an alarm, displaying a message, and erasing all data on the device.

The app shows the current location of a misplaced device and provides detailed information about its battery life and storage space. This helps users maintain their devices in good condition and avoid becoming lost or misplaced.

Samsung GalaxyFinder is a handy app for locating lost or misplaced devices. It has a user-friendly interface and powerful tracking capabilities making it a must-have app for Samsung users.

How to Remove the Samsung GalaxyFinder App from Your Android Device?

Opening the Settings app on an Android device leads to a simple process of removing apps from the system. To begin, locate Apps in the list at the bottom of Settings. After that, users can easily remove Samsung GalaxyFinder from their devices. Samsung GalaxyFinder is installed on the device by default. Find it via this list and select it to continue. By clicking Uninstall from the following page, apps are automatically removed.

Removing the app from the device doesn’t render it visible. Rebooting the device removes the app completely. By erasing the app’s settings from the device, this method ensures that all settings are cleared from the device. After a restart, the Samsung GalaxyFinder app no longer launches.

What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Using the Samsung GalaxyFinder App?

Using the Samsung GalaxyFinder app is beneficial because it makes locating lost or stolen Samsung Galaxy devices easy. This app makes it easy to track a device’s location if it is ever misplaced or stolen. Anyone looking to use this app should consider its advantages and disadvantages.


The Samsung GalaxyFinder app provides many benefits over just looking for the phone through normal means. Locking devices remotely and erasing data from the phone if it’s lost or stolen are just a couple. It also gives users access to features like Airplane mode that wasn’t available through any other means. This app is incredibly helpful for travelers as it can locate devices when they’re in airplane mode.


The app can only be used on Samsung Galaxy devices and relies on cellular signals and GPS to determine location. Due to this reliance, it has a higher chance of inaccuracy than other location-tracking apps, which can be a lengthy process to register the app with Samsung. Additionally, this app is not accurate for other device types.

The Samsung Galaxy Finder app can be useful in locating lost or stolen Samsung Galaxy devices. It has some drawbacks, such as the inaccuracy of its location, requiring users to register their device with Samsung before using it, and the fact that it’s only useful when used on a specific phone model.


Samsung’s Galaxy Finder app is useful for anyone looking for a compatible Samsung device. It’s also very useful if you want to search for a specific Samsung model. This app can be useful whether you’re looking to upgrade your current device or buy a new one. If you don’t want to use GalaxyFinder, removing the app from your device can be hard. Removing it requires going to the Settings app > Applications > GalaxyFinder and tapping Uninstall.

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