Resident Evil 4 Head for the Church: Unleash Chaos in this Thrilling Game

Resident Evil 4 Head For The Church

Mission Timeline

The “Head For The Church” mission in Resident Evil 4 is the fifth chapter of the game. The mission takes place after Leon S. Kennedy rescues the President’s daughter from the castle. Leon heads to the nearby church to meet with the mysterious “Ada Wong.” The mission involves navigating through a maze-like village to reach the church, while facing off against hordes of infected villagers and fierce creatures.

Item and Weapon Locations

During the “Head For The Church” mission, players can find various useful items and weapons. There is a shotgun located in a shack on the path leading to the village. A grenade can be found in the graveyard near the church. Additionally, players can find hidden treasures and collectibles scattered throughout the village.

Plot Relevance

The “Head For The Church” mission is crucial to the overall plot of Resident Evil 4. This is the point in the game where Leon finally meets Ada Wong, a vital character to the story. It is also in this mission where we learn more about the mysterious cult behind the infection, Los Illuminados. This mission sets the stage for the rest of the game, as Leon and Ada team up to take down the cult and save the world.

Overall, the “Head For The Church” mission is an important part of Resident Evil 4’s story. It is a thrilling and challenging chapter that tests the player’s skills and knowledge of the game. To prepare for this mission, players should stock up on ammo and healing items, and be ready to face off against tough enemies. With the right strategy and weapons, players can successfully make their way to the church and uncover the secrets that lie ahead.


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Resident Evil 4 Head For The Church

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