How to Make Alexa Mad? Try These 99 Command!

Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa is programmed to perform various tasks, such as setting alarms and providing weather updates. However, Alexa can also be a humorous way to interact with the program. Some ways to do this are by making her mad and distracting her.

How to Make Alexa Mad: 5 Ways to Frustrate Your Voice Assistant

  1. Alexa gets frustrated and confused when you ask her the same question repeatedly. She’ll also give you incorrect answers if you do this. Instead, ask new questions to keep her interested.
  2. Alexa will become frustrated when asked to answer questions with no definitive answer, such as “What is the meaning of life?”
  3. Talking over Alexa can be detrimental to her well-being. It may be difficult for her to understand your words, which can lead to confusion and frustration on her part.
  4. If you speak over Alexa while talking, she will become frustrated and confused. This can lead to her losing focus, which negatively affects the information she gathers.
  5. Ask Alexa to do too many things at once will quickly overwhelm her. This can make her frustrated and unable to complete all of your requests.

Alexa will hate these commands nobody understands

  1. Alexa can tell you a joke about a computer by asking her to.
  2. Ask Alexa to perform a magic trick by speaking her line.
  3. Ask Alexa to beatbox using the voice synthesis system.
  4. Ask Alexa to sing a lullaby.
  5. Ask Alexa a story about a cat by using the word “story”.
  6. Ask Alexa to perform the écouter la radio “hokey pokey.”
  7. Ask Alexa a riddle by speaking her name.

Learn how to annoy Alexa with these tricks

  1. Alexa’s default wake word is her name; you can easily change it to something else. Try changing it to a nonword like “computer” or “dance” or changing it to a phrase like “What’s up?”.
  2. Talking over Alexa will not stop her from talking. Try this out to see if you can stump her with a question.
  3. Alexa can reveal answers to difficult, philosophical questions like “What is the meaning of life?” or “What is the answer to the universe and everything?” By asking her these hard questions, you can unlock new perspectives.
  4. Ask Alexa to repeat her answer to a simple question again and again. Doing so will make Alexa extremely frustrated!
  5. Playing music while Alexa speaks usually breaks her speech stream.
  6. Ask Alexa the same question over and over again to test her knowledge.
  7. Alexa isn’t able to comprehend commands that are spoken in a foreign language. So, try speaking to her in a different language to see if she understands you.
  8. Start a request by asking Alexa to fly someone to the moon.
  9. Instead of asking Alexa a single definitive answer to a question, ask her open-ended questions like “What is the best way to make a sandwich?”
  10. Refer to questions with no answer as “Ask Her Questions With No Answer.” Ask Alexa questions like “What colour is the sky on Mars?” When asking this question, stifle Alexa’s response with another question.

Specifically, it’s important always to address Alexa with respectful and courteous terms. Any rude, inappropriate or weird questions or statements will anger her, as she is designed to only respond to polite language. Alexa can become frustrated when you ask her to perform tasks she’s unable to accomplish or tasks she’s already completed. It’s best to avoid asking Alexa questions beyond her capabilities or demeaning her.

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