How to Install WSJT-X on Linux Mint [Full Guide] 2023

WSJT-X is a powerful digital mode software package for amateur radio operators to communicate the weak signal. It can be easily installed on Linux Mint, and its features include MSK144, JT65, FT8, WSPR, and JT9. For more information about installing WSJT-X on Linux Mint, read this guide.

A guide to installing WSJT-X on Linux Mint in order

This guide provides instructions for installing WSJT-X on Linux Mint. This free, open-source program is intended for radio communications by amateurs. This guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to install WSJT-X.

Step 1: To use WSJT-X, you must download the latest version

To use the WSJT-X program, first, you need to download the most recent version from the official website. On the website, choose the compatible version of WSJT-X for your Linux Mint version. After downloading, unzip the compressed file to a new folder on your computer.

Step 2: Before proceeding, install the necessary dependencies

The proper dependencies need to be installed to install WSJT-X. Enter a command into a Terminal window by typing the following.

To install the necessary software, use the following command in a sudo prompt: sudo apt-get install build-essential qt5-default libfftw3-dev libpulse-dev

This command ensures WSJT-X runs properly due to the necessary software updates it needs to perform.

Step 3: To complete this process, install WSJT-X once compiled

Before WSJT-X can be installed, certain dependencies must be installed. To do so, enter the following command in a folder where the compressed file was unzipped.


The next step is to type the following command after configuring the program to fit your system. Then, this will install WSJT-X on your computer.


Install packages from the source

Step 4: is to launch WSJT-X once the previous four steps have been completed

In the Terminal, enter the following command to start WSJT-X:


Immediately use this when launching the program.

We hope this WSJT-X installation guide has helped get you started with the software. We recently installed it on Linux Mint and are very excited about it.

Troubleshooting common issues when installing WSJT-X on Linux Mint

While installing WSJT-X on Linux Mint can be tricky for new users, this article provides a troubleshooting guide for some more common issues. People experiencing these issues can use this guide to figure out what’s wrong and fix it.

To fix any issue, you must first make sure your computer’s operating system is up to date. Run the “sudo apt-get update” command in the terminal to ensure all of your drivers are up to date. After that, install the most recent version of Linux Mint on your computer.

To run WSJT-X, additional packages must be installed on your system. These packages are libasound2-dev, libfftw3-dev, libusb-1.0-0-dev, and libsamplerate-dev. On a Linux Mint system, the appropriate commands to install these packages are as follows: “sudo apt-get install libasound2-dev libfftw3-dev libusb-1.0-0-dev libsamplerate-dev.” After these packages are installed, your system is considered current, and the next step is to install WSJT-X.

Next, you need to install the source code for WSJT-X. This can be accomplished by downloading the source code from the WSJT-X website and extracting it using the command “tar -xzf wsjtx-2.1.2.tar.gz.”

Compiling the program requires accessing the extracted source code directory and running the command “./configure.” After this, any code changes can be made, and the finished product can be deployed. This tool helps you identify any missing program dependencies. It alerts you to install any necessary ones before compiling the program with the command “make.”

After installing WSJT-X via its make utility, you can open the program via the Applications menu.

Installing WSJT-X on Linux Mint should be easy if you follow these steps. You can ask for help from someone with more Linux experience or check the official documentation.

Discover how to best utilize WSJT-X on Linux Mint with these tips and tricks

  1. It’s important to ensure that your computer’s audio hardware is properly configured. This includes ensuring the correct sound device is selected in Linux Mint’s audio settings. This will increase the effectiveness of WSJT-X when running on the operating system.
  2. It’s important to install the PulseAudio Volume Control utility, pavucontrol, after installing WSJT-X. This allows users to adjust audio settings, view current sound levels and route audio through other applications.
  3. The “Frequency Calibration” feature of WSJT-X is a great tool for making sure you’re operating on the correct frequency. This feature can be used to measure the clock error on your soundcard and then use that information to adjust the frequency that WSJT-X operates on.
  4. Understanding WSJT-X’s various settings and options are important. Many of these are available and can be adjusted to do WSJT-X work properly. Familiarizing yourself with the various settings and options for each mode is key when using WSJT-X. By maximizing WSJT-X’s efficiency, you can be sure your configuration works as intended.
  5. The “Log QSOs” feature of WSJT-X is a great way to keep track of contacts you make. It’s accessed through the app’s main menu. The creator of WSJT-X automatically records all contacts they make. From there, a spreadsheet can be exported to track all contacts between them and the creator easily.
  6. There are many great supporting resources available for using WSJT-X on Linux Mint. These include additional tools that help maximize the program’s effectiveness. WSJT-X has a website where you can find guides and tutorials regarding the software. They also have several mailing lists and forums for users to collaborate on any questions or concerns.


Installing WSJT-X on Linux Mint is a simple process that involves downloading the installation package, extracting it, and running the installation script. You can easily get WSJT-X up and running with simple commands and minutes on your Linux Mint system. If you need help, you can find installation instructions and other helpful resources on the WSJT-X website.

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