How to Get Wish Ender Witch Queen: Master the Secrets of Destiny 2

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How to Obtain Wish Ender from the Witch Queen

The Wish Ender is a powerful exotic weapon in Destiny 2 that you can obtain by completing a questline from the Forsaken expansion. One of the most challenging, yet rewarding quests comes from defeating the hidden boss, The Shattered Throne, which is located in the Dreaming City. The quest could be quite challenging if you started alone or have not prepared adequately. Here are the requirements, steps, and final step to obtain Wish Ender.

Requirements to Start the Quest

Before starting the quest, there are some requirements to need to fulfil;

  • You must complete the Forsaken campaign
  • You need to visit the Queen’s Court once every Full Curse cycle
  • You must have a fireteam of 3 players
  • Power level must be at least 570

Steps to Progress through the Quest

Here are the essential steps that you need to complete to obtain Wish Ender:

  1. Firstly, travel to the Dreaming City and activate one of the statues in the Spine of Keres
  2. The questline will take you to four hidden relics located across the Dreaming City. Find and interact with all of them
  3. After completing the previous step, you need to summon and defeat the boss, Vorgeth, in the Shattered Throne dungeon
  4. The next step takes you to a secret dungeon, the Wish-Ender’s Keep. Traverse through the realm, solving puzzles and battles along the way.
  5. Finally, face off against the final boss, Dul Incaru, to reclaim your prize, the Wish Ender

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Final Step to Obtain Wish Ender

After defeating Dul Incaru, you can head back to the Queen’s Court to receive the Wishbreaker emblem and Masterwork Catalyst for the Wish Ender. Congratulations, you now have one of the strongest exotic bows in Destiny 2!

In conclusion, obtaining the Wish Ender is not an easy feat, but the reward is very worth it. Through completing this challenging quest, you can improve your teamwork skills and learn how to strategize effectively. The powerful exotic weapon could enhance your gameplay experience, as well as leaving you with a great sense of accomplishment.

Strategies to Complete the Wish Ender Quest in Witch Queen

The Wish Ender Quest in Witch Queen is one of the most challenging missions in the game. It requires players to complete a series of tasks and defeat powerful enemies in order to obtain the Wish Ender bow. Here are some strategies to help you complete the quest:

Recommended Weapons and Armor

In order to successfully complete the Wish Ender Quest, it is important to have the right weapons and armor. The most important weapon to have is a bow, as this will be your primary weapon throughout the quest. The Wish Ender bow itself is a great option, but if you don’t have it yet, a Legendary or Exotic bow will work as well. In terms of armor, prioritize gear that enhances your bow usage and survivability.

Tips for Solo Players

If you prefer to complete the Wish Ender Quest solo, it is important to approach each encounter strategically. Take your time and use cover to your advantage. When facing enemies, focus on taking them out one at a time and avoid getting overwhelmed. Make use of your class abilities and any buffs provided by your gear to increase your chances of survival.

Cooperative Play Tips

Playing the Wish Ender Quest with a team can make it significantly easier, as you can coordinate your attacks and share the workload. If you are playing cooperatively, make sure to communicate with your team to avoid confusion and ensure each player understands their role. Coordinate your gear and abilities to ensure optimal performance as a team.

Overall, completing the Wish Ender Quest in Witch Queen requires patience, skill, and teamwork. By using the right weapons and armor, adopting a strategic approach, and communicating effectively with your team (if applicable), you can successfully complete the quest and obtain the powerful Wish Ender bow.

The Benefits of Owning the Wish Ender Bow

PvE Advantages

One of the most significant benefits of owning the Wish Ender Bow in PvE activities is the ability to see through walls. This unique trait allows players to locate and take out enemies without having to engage in direct combat.

The Wish Ender Bow also deals significant damage against Taken enemies, making it a powerful tool in activities such as the Shattered Throne dungeon and the Dreaming City’s weekly missions.

PvP Advantages

In PvP activities, the Wish Ender Bow can be a game-changer. Its ability to see through walls allows players to track enemy movements and plan their attacks. Additionally, the bow deals significant damage to enemy supers, making it an ideal weapon for shutting down opposing players’ abilities.

The bow’s strong aim assist also makes it easier for players to hit their targets, even at longer ranges. This gives players an advantage over opponents using weapons that require more precision, such as sniper rifles.

Synergy with Other Weapons and Armor

The Wish Ender Bow pairs well with certain weapons and armor pieces in Destiny 2. The bow’s ability to see through walls can be complemented by armor pieces with enhanced radar, such as the Sixth Coyote or the Graviton Forfeit. These pieces provide increased situational awareness, allowing players to react more quickly to incoming threats.

In terms of weapons, the Wish Ender Bow is particularly effective when paired with hand cannons or shotguns, as these weapons complement the bow’s strengths and weaknesses. The hand cannon can be used to finish off enemies weakened by the bow’s arrows, while the shotgun can be used to deal with enemies in close-quarters combat.

Overall, owning the Wish Ender Bow in Destiny 2 provides players with unique advantages in both PvE and PvP activities. Its ability to see through walls and deal significant damage make it a top-tier weapon, and its synergy with other weapons and armor pieces makes it a valuable addition to any loadout.

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How To Get Wish Ender Witch Queen

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