Decimating the Competition: Best Search and Destroy Classes MW2

Best Assault Rifle Classes

1. M4A1

The M4A1 is one of the most versatile and popular assault rifles in MW2. Its fast rate of fire and low recoil make it effective at both short and medium ranges. This weapon is a staple for many players who prefer a balanced style of play. Its accuracy and precision make it a reliable choice for both casual and competitive players alike.


The FAMAS is another popular choice for players who prefer a high rate of fire. It has a smaller magazine than the M4A1, but makes up for it with its sheer killing power. In skilled hands, the FAMAS is a force to be reckoned with. Its rapid-fire capabilities make it ideal for close-quarters combat, while its accuracy and range are also noteworthy.


The SCAR-H is a heavy-hitting assault rifle that is best used at longer ranges. Its high damage and accuracy make it a deadly choice for skilled players. The slow rate of fire is more than made up for with its stopping power, and precision gameplay. Its versatility in both offensive and defensive gameplay makes the SCAR-H an excellent choice for players who prefer to keep their enemies at a distance.

Best Assault Rifle Classes are an essential topic to discuss in the future as it helps players understand the benefits and drawbacks of different weapon classes. In a rapidly evolving gaming environment, players must be prepared to face new challenges and adapt their gameplay accordingly. By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of different assault rifles, players can tailor their loadouts and playstyles to meet the needs of any game mode or situation. Ultimately, a comprehensive understanding of the Best Assault Rifle Classes will help players succeed in the game and ultimately lead them to victory.

Best Submachine Gun Classes

1. UMP45

The UMP45 is a fan-favorite SMG that is known for its versatility and power. It has a high rate of fire and low recoil, making it deadly in close-quarters combat. This makes it a top pick for Search and Destroy game modes, where quick reactions and close encounters are common.

2. MP5K

The MP5K is another popular choice for players who prefer a fast and agile playstyle. It has a high rate of fire and great accuracy, making it perfect for rushing enemies. This class is great for players who want to take on a more aggressive role, especially in objective-based game modes.

3. P90

The P90 is an SMG that excels at medium range combat. Its high magazine capacity and low recoil make it ideal for suppressive fire. For players who like to hold positions and protect their team, the P90 is a solid choice.

As the gaming industry evolves, new weapon classes and gameplay mechanics are introduced, making it important to stay ahead of the curve. To prepare for the future, it is important to not only understand the current meta but to also master the top choices for each class. By staying up-to-date on the latest developments in the game, players can ensure their success in competitive play.

Best Sniper Rifle Classes

1. Intervention

The Intervention is the go-to sniper rifle for most MW2 players. Its high damage and accuracy make it deadly in the hands of a skilled player. This weapon is best used for players who prefer a more aggressive style of play, as it can be used effectively at medium to long ranges. It is equipped with a 10-round magazine and can be fitted with a variety of attachments, including scopes, extended mags, and FMJ rounds.

2. Barrett .50cal

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The Barrett .50cal is a heavy-hitting sniper rifle that can kill most enemies in a single shot. It is best used at long range and can be devastating when paired with a good scope. Although its mobility and fire rate are low, it makes up for this with its high damage output and precision. It is equipped with a 5-round magazine and can also be fitted with attachments like scopes, extended mags, and FMJ rounds.

3. WA2000

The WA2000 is a sniper rifle best used by players who prefer a more tactical playstyle. Its high accuracy and low recoil make it ideal for taking out enemies from a distance. Its damage output and range are similar to the Intervention, while still maintaining reasonable mobility and fire rate. This weapon is equipped with a 6-round magazine and allows for the attachment of scopes, extended mags, and FMJ rounds.

As technology becomes more advanced, it is likely that new sniper rifle classes and variations will become available in the future. To prepare ourselves, we can stay current on updates and advancements in the field of firearms and stay knowledgeable about the strengths and weaknesses of different weapons. Additionally, practicing with different types of sniper rifles can help us become better equipped to adapt to new classes as they arise.

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Best Search And Destroy Classes Mw2

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