Court of Stars Mythic Plus Guide: Tackling the Challenges and Conquering Victory

Court of Stars Mythic Plus Guide

Key Affixes

When running the Court of Stars dungeon on Mythic Plus difficulty, players will encounter three randomized affixes that will greatly affect their gameplay. Some key affixes to prepare for include:

  • Sanguine: Avoid standing in the blood pools left by slain enemies, as they will heal them and deal heavy damage over time.
  • Quaking: Players will periodically cause a quake that damages and interrupts all nearby allies. Watch for the warning text and move away from your group to avoid disrupting them.
  • Bursting: When enemies die, they leave behind a debuff that stacks and explodes, dealing heavy damage to all nearby players. Make sure to spread out and heal through the damage.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Some common mistakes that players make in the Court of Stars dungeon include:

  • Skipping trash mobs: While it might be tempting to skip past groups of enemies, doing so can result in lost time and a lack of crucial resources.
  • Not using CC abilities: Crowd control abilities such as stuns and slows can be invaluable in keeping enemies under control and avoiding unnecessary damage.
  • Ignoring mechanics: Many encounters in the Court of Stars have unique mechanics that require players to pay attention and adapt. By ignoring these mechanics, players can make encounters much more difficult than they need to be.

Useful Tips and Tricks

Some useful tips and tricks for running the Court of Stars dungeon smoothly include:

Court Of Stars Mythic Plus Guide

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